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"This is my gambit, John," she unfastened my tie.
I closed his eyes and listened.
"It's 1939 and my grandfather walks into "Raymond & Lamont" on Oxford Road. He's brought a reluctant friend. Safety in numbers. It's a beginners dance class - Ballroom. He's got to impress a little someone so he's booked a lesson - Paid in advance, so he's gonna fucking get one. Only, thing is, the session happens to be clashing with an air raid. So nobody else has turned up. Everybody is too busy trying to stay alive. Instead of a full class of eager boys and girls, ready to be partnered up, there's literally only him and his friend. The dance teacher is bewildered and calls his young wife down to help mediate the problem. Ten minutes later the dancer's wife is being dragged across the floor by my grandfather's friend while my grandfather juggles between leading and being led by a male ballroom teacher. He thinks it was chosen this way on the basis of him looking the more presentable out of the two. His friend is glad the buses back don't start running again until evening."
She removed the playing card from my breast pocket then unbuttoned my shirt.
"Although dismayed at first, with plaster crumbling from the ceiling, gasmasks patient against the skirting boards, whirring propellers overhead - my grandfather soon began to perfect his quickstep..."

TEXT by Tom Benn + IMAGES by Kirsten Cowie