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It never takes long to stuff one. With the right solution of preservative the birds can be finished within hours- the hares take a little longer.
But I’ve become careless in my old age. Leaving the back door of the shop open. Customers start and raise their noses high into the air, the smell familiar but one they cannot place. Their hands forgetting the array of sweets they were so earnestly stroking seconds ago.
My shop has always been popular. It’s the “scary one on the corner”, that draws in the children and their change despite themselves, with moist excited tongues.
I remember myself at that age- the sweaty palms, the joy of buying the little shrimps, the fried eggs. And yet I always wanted more- something different. Dreaming of jelly babies a foot high. Chocolate rabbits that looked like rabbits- so real, so fine you could imagine them breathing, their whiskers twitching.
The deck chair striped material which reminds me of my youth encases the tools of my trade. From the apple corer to the bread knife they sleep happily as I wish I could. Resting in the back room of Mr. Oliver’s Confectionary. Where the air is a musky haze of sugar and fur.

TEXT by Laura Cushing-Harries + IMAGES by Lindsay Grime