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This Man is dead, dying
This Man has gone, flying
You know the feeling thirst?
Life’s easy pleasuring
The water, the first drop
Is power, power over your Body
It’s like flying and you think you can’t stop
Macy’s brother was gone
And I brought him back
I took the first gulp, tongue slack
Tapping the green elephant
Of sharp evanescence
Flowing out
The trunk
Suckled my veins
And as I faded
I grew.
And I was gone and I was god
The elephant bowed and swam
As I conjured Macy’s brother
Crawling across seas and land
His head is still cracked
From too much cocaine
Earth bound creeping thing
I forgive him
Forgave his sins
And gave him a second coming.
Tomorrow Macy’s brother will forget he didn’t
End squashed between terraced towers a dismal sacrifice
To a paltry weather god - Bint
Who wouldn’t for so little turn grey to green again
So we’d all rise up and live again
Didn’t happen and Macy’s brothers dead
He won’t be alive tomorrow
So I record his voice his short last “saids”
And his voice contains no sorry sorrow
I am Macy’s brother; I live through the power of the elephant. But I shun life as I am god and think it scant
Worth a listening anymore
My only words are my commandments, sent from mount to shit like you:
Don’t drink don’t work don’t fuck don’t dream don’t see
- Don’t even look
Don’t read don’t talk don’t pray don’t hope
And we’ll finally have an end to this


TEXT by Daisy Dawes + IMAGES by Alison Glanville Jones