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I suppose I should begin with my name. It has been such a while since I have shared human company. All of this feels peculiar. My name is Graham Gordon. I work behind a flat screen computer monitor, selling wristwatches and clocks on Ebay. In the days before rent prices increased, I owned an antique clock shop that I inherited from my father, but he died a long time ago. For five years before the move, the shop was like an empty theatre; I would spend my time walking the isles, wiping away the dust in the company of ticking sounds and the occasional beep, signifying the end of another hour. One day I read about Ebay businesses in the Daily Telegraph; about two weeks later I listed the lease to my shop in the local paper. Sometimes I miss the bell ringing as a customer would enter, causing my stomach to jolt a little, but I make more money now, which I suppose is a good thing. I am hoping to retire soon. When I do, I will capture unstable environments in watercolour. I’ve never been very good at painting, though. I suppose I can learn.


TEXT by Sam Elliott + IMAGES by Laura Darling