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My name is Steve, I'm 38 and an accountant. My favourite smell is the bacon sandwich that Jenny makes me on Saturday mornings and my favourite room is the rectangular annex behind my house. I play squash every lunchtime with colleagues, but to really relax I take long walks in the countryside with my Golden Retriever called Sidney. Someday, I will visit the Norwegian Fjords and see the geographic processes by which they arose. I hate the way my nose fades into my face, but the glasses I wear help. My favourite possession is the Roman coin that my grandfather left me because, although worn, all of its important features are strongly defined, like he was. The last thing I stole was stationary from office supplies, which I gave to my daughter for school. I was last naked with Jenny in bed last night. Nothing happened because we were too tired, but I kept myself awake worrying about the company's wavering margins. My boss said he loved me yesterday after I gave him tax advice, but Jenny hasn't said it for a while. I walked past a homeless person today, who asked me for spare change; I lied, telling him I had none. My greatest fear is becoming him; not being able to provide for anyone or to do anything.


TEXT by Sam Elliott + IMAGES by Laura Darling