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The bear is staring at me, its beady little plastic eyes follow me wherever I go. She loved that bear, she used to wiggle it around in the air and laugh; her nose would scrunch up as she giggled. I loved her. Her keys are next to it, the key to her house on the left, her key to mine on the right. It’s kind of funny, really, looking at our two worlds together on the same chain. I’ll have to search the house for more of her stuff later, make sure it’s all gone. Don’t want anybody finding it and accusing me of anything. Oh, god, the smell is awful. The blood is sticking to the carpet and the walls, I spend a lot of time trying to scrub it off but I can’t stop gagging when I’m around it. Touching the mess, too, makes me want to throw up. My senses are betraying me, trying to hurt me for what I’ve done. I can’t say I blame them.
We had a good life together, though. We did. I gave her everything, I made enough money to afford anything. I don’t know why she let him touch her. Later, I’ll find him too. He took her away from me and I hate him. She told me over dinner, but I knew a few days before. I bought something in a bottle, something that she’d drink and fall asleep, but she refused and I broke it; the liquid seeped out and ruined my table. It hurt her more this way, but at least I tried to make it easy. It’s not my fault.
She’s dangling, now, in the library. As a punishment. I’ll take her down later, when I’ve got rid of all the blood. Dispose of her. Right now, though, I need to clean the rest of the mess up from these bookshelves. She never did make my life any easier.

TEXT by Martin Gaston+ IMAGES by Gillian Kirkland