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Hi. I’m Daniel Jackson, and I’m sixteen. There’s not much I can say about myself. I don’t do anything for a living, really. You know how it is, you’ve just finished GCSE and you’re forced to go straight into A-Levels. My parents would go mental at me if I didn’t. I guess, uh, you might be able to say I don’t fit in with the other kids. It’s not that I’m not liked, just that nobody seems to want to be around me. I think maybe it might be my glasses. I hate those. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I get away from everything sometimes, relax I guess, by playing games and reading books. In my bedroom, obviously, which just so happens to be my favourite room. I’m a bit thin, although I try and exercise by riding my bike to school. People think I’m a big geek. But I had a girlfriend up until a few months ago, and once she told me she loved me. We were even naked together. My favourite smell was her hair. I miss her, I guess.

Enough of the pleasantries. I’d love to just get away sometimes. Really, I would. Make a new life. Travel anywhere far away. My greatest fear is the thought of being like I am now for the rest of my life. It keeps me awake at night. So, I’ve stolen some money off my mother. I lied and said it was for a school trip. I’ll keep it hidden, and use it to run away one day. I will.


TEXT by Martin Gaston+ IMAGES by Gillian Kirkland