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My name is Margaret.

Remember it: it's important.

I am old enough to have lost my children.

My job? I clean the house and 'Mr Sheen' furniture polish is my new favorite smell, (I think it used to be the sea, but I can't seem to remember that anymore). It's not the best job, but I'm just glad we don't have pets- Martin likes his peace and quiet.

My favorite room is the bathroom at four o' clock in the morning.

My exercise is inside; Panic Panic Panic, but baths relax me (although it has to be with Sainsbury's soothing bath soak-the green one- no other).

The last thing I stole was my mother's dignity.

And now I want to travel. Travel somewhere, anywhere my mind can't follow. Yet, it would be lovely if there was a river there, like the one on holiday with Jackie and the girls - the last time I was naked in front of someone. The water made us all giggle for hours and what keeps me awake at night is knowing they know nothing.They asked me the last lie I told. I laughed it off because lies are the truth. It's what I say that matters, not what I want to say......I'm not selfish. Remember that. It's more important than my name.

The last person to say 'I love you' to me was my niece. She's three. It was over the phone. And what I fear most is her saying it again; sounding more and more like him.


TEXT by Kirsty Kelly + IMAGES by Jaimie Lane