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"How   can   you   be   thinking   of   her   while   you're   with   me?"   Richard   erupts   into   a   scream.   "Philipa   doesn't   know   you   like   I   do!"   And   he   runs   off   a   stream   of   information   about   myself   that   he's   collected   and   remembered   over   the   years: that   I'm   28   although   I   pretend   I'm   26   sometimes;   that I'm a   teacher;   how   I   go   jogging   in   the   morning   to   clear   my   head,   and   because   I'm   too   lazy   to   go   to   the   gym   anymore;   that   I   keep   saying   I   would   love   to   have   children,   but   I   haven't   done   it   yet,   and   haven't   even   made   my   mind   up   about   with   who;   how   the   last   thing   I   stole   was   a   wine   glass   from   a   party   he   had   taken   me   to   because   I   wanted   a   drink   for   the   walk   home.   And   he   continues   until   I   turn   away   from   my   reflection   and   pull   him   close   to   me,   holding   his   struggling   arms   down   until   he   relaxes   again,   and   I   feel   his   body   turn   limp   and   malleable.   I   feel   him   give   up.   I   tell   him   I'll   leave   Philipa,   I   will,   I   promise,   I   tell   him,   stroking   his   hair.   And   I   can   see   my   dull   eyes   in   the   mirror   over   the   back   of   Richard's   shaking   head,   'liar,'   they   shout   at   me.   Because   Richard   had   once   asked   what   my   favourite   possession   was,   and   I   had   answered,   'A   ring   that   belongs   to   my   mother,'   but   all   I   thought   of   was   Philipa:   Philipa   was   my   favourite   possession,   I   knew.


TEXT by Ailish McAlpine-Green + IMAGES by Lindsay Mcbirnie