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I feel the icy rungs of the bench I am slumped upon claw into my back; tender from the brash wind. I clutch my coat close to my chest, desperately fighting the extreme cold that is trying to penetrate the thick layers protecting my skin.
I’m beginning to think that she isn’t coming, that this is all some cruel joke at my expense. A part of me had suspected it but my mind fought back the logic and reasoning and hope prevailed. The present standing at my feet stares up at me, mocking and jeering my despondent figure. I had heard her mention, only in passing that she loved to write, and many hours had been spent choosing a journal that she may record her thoughts, feelings, observations in. Hours that now seem wasted, spent in naïve optimism.
I reach into my pocket, probing for the gloves that my bare hands eagerly crave, tortured by the bitter cold, but only one remains. I must have lost the other in the rush to be here punctually, futile as that now seems. It will prove the evidence against me, dark against the crisp snow, screaming my presence at this non-existent meeting. It will lay amongst footprints, new over old, each pair a story lost in time, mine no more important or remarkable those that preceded it.
My breath catches in my throat and tears lie dormant, frozen in my eyes. I pick up the carefully wrapped diary and prepare to take the shameful walk home – And that’s when I see her.


TEXT by Gina Mortlock + IMAGES by Lucy McCririck