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The bell trickled as the door closed in behind him. He gasped in a few moments, as the sudden viscosity of the air tugged at him. The place was empty. As if it were vacated in the middle of a busy day: the used dishes still on the tables, the chairs unorganised, and bottles of beer only half-finished. It seemed like a day when, as The Bible had said, the Sheeps will be called Sheeps and the Goats will be called Goats. The steam from the kitchen clouded his thick-rimmed glasses. He wiped them. It was perhaps a search for the last survivor, almost like scavenging the ruins of some Roman temple or evacuated sites of calamities. It unnerved him that he is entirely dispensable. That this restaurant and all its inhabitants: the people, the tables and the tripod chairs, would all go on even after he ceases. He is only a man in brown overalls standing near the wine counter. A sudden hiss of frying onions woke the whole scene up. The beer bottles, the sunlight streaming inside and the smell of carrots (?) all crumpled into a meaningless nothing.
“How can I help you, Sir?” said a tall man from behind.

TEXT by Vidur Nauriyal + IMAGES by Sophi Newell