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Thinning clouds melt into my skin,
the rocks around me, soft and blue,
are the colour of my eyes
before colour was left behind.
I drift
like the smoke
which lingered between those lips
I once kissed.
Now smoke unwinds
into the mountains
from a monkey-grinning mouth,
face in shadow,
It burns my eyes,
as I watch him ride
that gentle beast,
who takes him somewhere,
and leaves me nowhere.
She moves slowly,
across the soft ground,
until she sinks,
and all that’s left are her reins,
like those I once wore,
but wear no more.
Now deserted and free,
I have nowhere to go,
in this mountainous world,
he created for me.
Here amongst the thinning clouds,
in this cold world,

TEXT by Sophie Playle + IMAGES by Marc Noble