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My names is Charles Haighdown.
I now live in Cambridge, but I hail from Bishopthorpe, York.
I own a very small bookshop just off King’s Parade that sells very rare, first edition books.
I have been very blessed over the years in many different ways:

  • I am married to my college sweetheart, the one woman I have ever loved. We are very happy together.
  • I live peacefully with my family in a five-bedroom country manor house along Huntingdon Road, the kind of house I never thought I could own.
  • I am in the bloom of health, and have never stretched, pulled or broken anything. I don’t remember the last time I was sick. And the best part? I don’t even try.
  • Finally, of course, there is Lily. The love of my life, next to my wife. She’s beautiful, with fluffy blonde hair, blue eyes, and a laughter that is indescribably infectious. I can never seem to find anything to be sad about when she’s near me. She’s not my daughter, but I’ve never let that stop me loving her more than anything.

There are only two ways I wouldn’t consider myself blessed:

  • I have a complete inability to voice how I feel. Which is frustrating … to feel so much and not be able to express it.
  • I have only ever told one lie, but I tell it repeatedly. It is to my wife when she tries to talk about her affair. I tell her it is in the past, water under the bridge. One day I will have to tell her the truth. That it kills me every day. But if I’m honest, I doubt I ever will.


TEXT by Kirsty Smellie + IMAGES by Fiona Purves