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I'm Karen and I don't believe that a woman should ever give away her age.
I look good for my age though, I make sure of it. I don’t exercise very much, but I quite like aqua-robics. I go on a Tuesday when Daryl is with his grandma.
I don't have a large family, just me and David, and our son, Daryl He's a real bright boy; me and David have high hopes for him. He’s only nine, but he seems dead set on being a property developer. Strange for a kid, no?
I don't keep any pets, I don’t have the time or the patience, plus David is allergic to so much that it wouldn't be worth the risk. And animals can really stink up the house, it gets in all the carpets and upholstery. My favourite smell is nail polish remover.
I’m a senior administrative mental health coordinator, it can be quite stressful. I like to relax with friends over a glass of wine. We also have dinner parties every fortnight because it's good to keep in touch with everyone, having a child can really set you apart from your friends. I relax when I'm having a facial too. My sister Tammy is a beauty therapist, I get a great discount.
The things I dislike most about my appearance are my cellulite thighs, but what woman likes those?
The last charitable thing I did was buy a copy of The Big Issue, I buy it every week. It concerns me how many people just walk past, ignoring the sellers as if they are nothing. I suppose people mistake them for drug-users and thieves. How easily could any one of us be in that desperate situation? Perhaps I'm more sympathetic because of my line of work.
The last thing I stole was a bottle of Zoloft.
My favourite possession is a necklace that I inherited from my grandmother. It's silver and set with diamonds, really beautiful.
Shouldn't it be my wedding ring? It's the thought that counts with important things like that; me and David were poor when we got engaged but I didn't care, we were young and reckless. It was romantic, really.
The last time that I was naked in front of another person was last weekend after we'd all been up to Helen’s office for her birthday party and I picked up that junior receptionist from the second floor.
Nothing keeps me awake at night. I don't drink coffee anymore, did you know that apart from caffeine, there are 17 other toxins? You’ve got to look after yourself. I think I read that in Glamour, or Vogue, maybe a supplement in The Times or The Independent.
The last person to tell me that they loved me was my husband, a few days ago, before he left for Brussels for the McKenzie case. He'll say it again
when he calls me later this evening.
I last told a lie to you, because I want to make myself more interesting, more like a real person. Not that that matters, my whole life feels like a lie sometimes.

TEXT by Frankie Taylor + IMAGES by Genevieve Ryan