Welcome to DUO, a selection of work from the second creative collaboration between Illustration students at Edinburgh College of Art and Creative Writing students on the MSc course at the University of Edinburgh. Participation in this project is voluntary: the take up this year was 100%. With such interest, what began last year as a pilot project looks likely to become a fixture.

The work, we hope, speaks for itself. It is as varied as its makers. For the writers, other than an emphasis on brevity, the remit was open. The aim was a two-way collaboration: an image responding to a text and a text responding to an image. Should any duo wish to take collaboration further, that too was open.

Illustrators by their nature parallel, reflect or represent an idea or text through imagery. It is unusual for them to begin with the image rather than the text. Through reflection on the comparable processes of writing and image-making is made, a deeper understanding of the relationship between image and text is often found.

Though ekphrasis is a long-established literary practice, we wanted the writers to have the opportunity to work with living artists, to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue and add a new dimension to their own creative process.

The author is not, as Barthes famously claimed, dead but in the room – alongside any solitary text worker, there is always an elephant or two.

Harvey Dingwall, Robert Alan Jamieson, Dilys Rose.

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