Friday, April 24th, 2009

University of Edinburgh (UE) Masters in Creative Writing

Edinburgh College of Art (eca) Illustration

The book for the project can be bought and viewed here

Other text and image collaborations:

For more information on the collaborative project contact
Harvey Dingwall - h.dingwall@eca.ac.uk


Alexandra Stewart - funkychicken_101@hotmail.com
Claire Askew - claire_askew@yahoo.com
Dave Coates - duffle86@hotmail.com
David Wright - davidthwright@gmail.com
Fiona Morrison - F.C.Morrison@sms.ed.ac.uk
Jennifer Johnston-Watt - jennifer@johnstonwatt.com
Jo Dube - jojo.dube@gmail.com
Jo Swingler - jo_swingler@yahoo.co.uk
Karen Dawson - karen.dawson@bendawson.com
Kat Eckert - k.e.eckert@sms.ed.ac.uk
Natalia Herrero - herrero.natalia@gmail.com
Niki Andrikopolou - nikitabrr@yahoo.gr
Paul Thomas - s0898274@sms.ed.ac.uk
Sandra Collins - sandrilly@yahoo.com
Sarah Gledhill - sgledhill@f2s.com
Shahnaaz Bakshi - shahnaazbakshi@yahoo.com
Stephanie C C Kuypers - S.C.C.Kuypers@sms.ed.ac.uk
Struan Robertson - s0452544@sms.ed.ac.uk
Aiko Harman - www.lionandsloth.com
Anna Brailsford - A.Brailsford@sms.ed.ac.uk
Hayley Shields - the_wild_shieldmaiden_of_the_north@hotmail.com
Joel Wright - jwright762@gmail.com
Kate Charles - K.R.Charles@sms.ed.ac.uk
Aileen Ballantyne - aileen.ballantyne@btopenworld.com


Lindsay Grime- www.lindsaygrime.co.uk
Elizabeth Stewart- www.abouttoday.co.uk
Toby Cook- tghcook@gmail.com
Andrew Denholm- www.andrewdenholm.com
Gillian Kirkland- www.gilliankirkland.com
Eileen Glass- eileenglass@hotmail.com
Jaimie Lane- jaimielane@googlemail.com
Gen Ryan- littlestump@hotmail.co.uk
Fiona Purves- www.fionapurves.co.uk
Trine Mangernes- mangersnes@hotmail.com
Ursula Cheng- pingpongpanda@hotmail.com
Lucy McCririck- http://illustrating-lucy.com/
Marc Noble- rahrah-@hotmail.co.uk
Kirsten Cowie- mypaperhouse@hotmail.co.uk
Elizabeth Walker- libswalker@gmail.com
Lindsay McBirnie- linzmcbirnie@hotmail.com
Jonathan Hughes- jspringold@yahoo.co.uk
Sophie Newell- sophienewell@hotmail.co.uk
Sarah Tanat-Jones- saraht_j@hotmail.com
Lucy Roscoe - www.lucyroscoe.co.uk
Lauren Brown- laurenjanebrown@hotmail.co.uk
Fan – Yun Chiou (Sidney)- sidney206@hotmail.com
Thomas Hunt- www.misprintcomics.com
Miriam Sturdee- msturdee@gmail.com
Chien –Min Kao (Jammie)- chien-min.kao@eca.ac.uk