Damon Herd + Chris Lindores

Withheld Number

I was going to hoax call an ambulance
to West Newington Place, the alley,
and say I had found a body,
but it had run off by the time they arrived.

He was about 60 and had a top hat and jeans on
(he told me he was going to party ‘smart casual’,
but thought it meant separately).
He got up, muttered about landfill sites
and bloody Communists and wandered away.
You should be able to spot him no bother,
and no, this is not just not to make me feel better
after realising I may be a horrible person.

Words: Chris Lindores
Picture: Damon Herd

Out A Window

higher res version here

This street
is not far from
(some letters have been removed)
and two days in a row,
I saw the same two police officers
go between two yellow-green hedges
into two different flats across the road.

The second time was with four other people,
including a leylandii landlord
who shouted into the intercom
then opened the door.

There were some nerves;
they’re faking far too young
not to have had have had to
with puzzles on Rizlas
like jokes on Penguins.

“aye, put awn sum musick,
plannin tae goe deaf tha day.”

Words: Chris Lindores
Pictures: Damon Herd