Welcome to Garlic and Sapphires, third creative collaboration between Illustration students at Edinburgh College of Art and Creative Writing students on the MSc course at the University of Edinburgh.

The pairing of illustrator and writer is mostly random.  Students are given the loose structure of initially swapping text for image and image for text, but how the collaboration proceeds from there is unique to each pairing. Some shared a lot of their ideas and information whilst others responded more immediately to each others work.

The sharing of these creative disciplines has been extremely insightful and productive.  Although the connection of illustration and creative writing is obvious, it is unusual to make this direct exchange. Of particular interest is the exploration of visual narrative in illustration, and prose and poetry inspired by illustration. Strong connections are made between individuals, and in previous years some collaborations have continued beyond the project’s lifespan.  The difficulty inherent in discussing the sometimes intangible and personal elements of images and text can also be encountered when combining these disciplines.  This is reflected most within the educational context during the creative writing workshops and illustrators’ critiques.  In the end, we find that although different media and approaches are being discussed, they often share the same meaning and heart.

We once again searched for a title for the collaboration with many blunt, profound and absurd suggestions, until finally Mary Wight suggested ‘Garlic and Sapphires’ from TS Eliot’s Burnt Norton.  The ambiguity of its meaning combined with the sensual incongruity of the juxtaposition seemed to complement this intriguing relationship between writer and illustrator, image and text.

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