zz how to upload work

How to upload your work

1. Login in at: http://textimage.eca.ac.uk/twointhebush/wp-login.php
2. Enter your username and password given by your tutor.
3. Select ‘Write’ to post a new collaboration, or go to ‘Visit Site’ to find an existing collaboration, and select ‘Edit’.
4. The ‘title’ should be the title of your text. Paste your text or input directly into the ‘Post’ section. You can use the text tools above to format your content.
5. From the categories listed in window below, select your name and collaborator.
6. Select ‘Publish’ (or ‘Save’ if editing to post) and ‘Visit Site’ to check your Post
If you are uploading an image use the ‘Upload/Insert‘ – ‘Add Image’ (square icon) option  further down the page. Before doing so you will need to reduce your  image, in Photoshop (goto drop down ‘Image’ Image Size’ and change the  pixel dimensions to maximum 500pixels width. Then save for web as a jpeg.

Watch that you do not edit or delete anyone elses posts.

any problems email me: h.dingwall@eca.ac.uk