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Some notes from a discussion 2011-02-14

Suggested titles:

Insert Image Here

Mutually Exclusive

Apples and Oranges


Celebrating the Improbable

Mint leaves and Vinegar

Not Afraid of Anything

The indubitable sausage making factory in Djibuti in the West


Flirting Art


and of course the winner

Two in the Bush

What is the meaning of honesty to the writer and illustrator?

Is honesty possible, even in an autobiography?

In writing, honesty doesn’t always relate to true life. It can adhere to the readers expectations so it doesn’t trick them or seem untruthful.

‘celebrating the impossible’ Morgan. Fictional characters who are credible

Science Fiction – untrue but gives illustrator permission to represent impossible world.

John Fowles the Magus – reader cheated by explanation given in greek at the end.

In faking a style an illustrator may still be being true to themselves

Lack of originality as derivative style is not representative of writer and artist


Writing isn’t about truth – its about credibility – how authentic we are to ourselves

Honesty changes once the piece ‘goes live’ – audience perception

If you can relate to a piece – it seems more authentic

We have shared experience as living in the same cultural idiom

Is this a joke? All art is neither original nor a copy as it is a reaction to thought, a secondary depiction of individual perception.

There are universal truths – but these are limited.

Culturally do we now have more affinity with drawing or handwriting?

In our modern culture with television and the internet saturating our day to day lives, a heavy weight is imposed upon the image.

How does reading and reflecting on text compare to reading and reflecting no illustration?

Each paints the others perception

Culturally do we now have more affinity with drawing or handwriting?

‘Affinity’ seems an odd word – writing and drawing have different purposes and there are different reasons why we are compelled to do them. Handwriting is more of a necessity.


What is affinity and is it relevant?

Handwriting is taught – is artistic style taught in the same way?

Mutually exclusive

Does originality have the same meaning for a writer and an illustrator?


Originality in method

Intellectual property

Photography on the web

Everything is reminiscent of something before


Subverting traditional models; copy but twist

Is humour and laughter different when reading and looking?  How funny can an image be?

The two are different when reading and looking at slapstick humour – more easy to convey in an image

Cat images are funny