Two in the Bush

Text from an image and image from a text. A collaboration between Illustration students at Edinburgh College of Art and Creative Writing students on the MSc course at the University of Edinburgh.


Now what does that mean?
I close my eyes and I see lots of things. I see two Aboriginal tribesmen running through a sun-broken landscape at night, running towards water before the dawn of another merciless day. I see a drug dealer flick his cigarette at the pub across the street, ‘The Juniper Bush’, and give his henchmen descriptions of the desperate couple who crossed him. I see two BBC puppeteers fighting to get their right hands into a fox-shaped puppet.
A simple phrase, and yet it triggers all these possibilities. And what I see isn’t close to what you see when you close your eyes. Perhaps a childhood memory of getting lost in a thick, rhododendron-choked forest, looking for your sibling? Or a wild hunt on horseback, zeroing in on an elusive animal that transforms back into a human as it scoots into the undergrowth? What pictures do you associate with the phrase? What words bubble up, spill out?
This is a book of creative understandings/misunderstandings. This is a tribute to the glorious correspondences that happen when 27 writers studying Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh and 27 illustrators studying at the Edinburgh College of Art swap work to inspire each other. A narrative that itches vision. An image that tugs at language. This is the generative Chinese Whispers that happens when partners communicate across disciplines.
This is two in the bush. But as we all know, the bird in the hand is worth just as much, and this book flies to places no one involved in making it would have expected.
So what does it mean to you?


A book has been made of some of these collaborations a full pdf can be viewed and book purchased from: